Friday, April 11, 2014

Kumara Sambhavam - The Perfect Creation- Part XI


Narada was in Vaikunth when he got the news of the impending arrival of Shiva’s son. “Not to be missed” remarked Vishnu, as he got up from his serpentile couch.

Narada was surprised. “Are you going to disturb their privacy Lord?” asked Narada

“What privacy?” questioned Vishnu

Narada was perplexed. “I am a brahmachari Lord, how would I know the workings of marital life? But I always thought couples preferred privacy especially when they are about to bring their child into the world.”

Vishnu snorted. “Mortals and lesser beings might, especially when the creation takes place at a physical level- by a union of bodies. But this is Mahadev and Adi Shakti that we are talking about.”

“What’s the difference Lord?” questioned Narada.

“In animals, procreation is purely driven by instinct and hence the offspring too, continues to be an animal – bound by the limitations of its nature

Amongst humans, too, where the feelings of kama and moha dominate the child so created will always be trapped in maya, unaware of its true spiritual potential

“In Mahadev’s case…..” queried Narada

Vishnu looked into the distance, his voice dropping reverentially. “Mahadev and Devi Parvati are Purusha and Prakriti. The creation of their offspring will take place at the highest level- by a merger of their consciousness, by a synergy between their divine powers.”

By the time Narada reached Kailash, a host of Devas, Gandharvas, the Sapta rishis had already gathered there. The place had acquired a sudden luster. The air was pregnant with anticipation.

Seated with Devi Parvati by his side, Lord Shiva looked the very embodiment of Sat- Chit- Ananda. Narada made his way to the front and joining his palms together murmured “Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami”

The air was rent with shouts of “Har Har Mahadev” and “Om namah Shivaya”. Shiva raised his hand and silence fell. Shiva began to speak. Strong and sonorous, it was a voice no one had heard before.

“A being comes into this world when the male and female energies combine together. I, that is Shiva, represent the Purusha aspect and Parvati the prakriti tattva. No doubt, either of us is capable of producing a being independently, but in order to uphold the laws of nature and to ensure that the offspring that we are about to create is whole and stable, the Purusha and the Prakriti tattva in us have to combine.

“When our powers combine, the result will be a shining ball of light- formless- yet living. Every being on this earth is made up of the five elements.”

Shiva chanted   Aakashaat Vaayuhu    First there was space,  then from space came air
 Vayur Agnihi, ,    from Vayu came fire
Agnir Apaha,       from Agni came water
 Adyah Pruthivi, , from water came the Earth”

I now invite the Nature’s elements to assist in this creation. When the ball of light is created, Vayu Dev and Agni Dev will add their elements to it. They will  carry the light and deposit in the river Ganga who will add the water element. Ganga will carry the light sparks to the Sara Vana forest and thus the last, fifth element will be added. Once the five elements are combined in perfect proportion, the light sparks will assume a human shape.”

Agni and Vayu nodded to show their agreement.

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